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Remote Video Capture for Thought Leadership during the Coronavirus crisis

MultiVision Digital really wants to help out our society during the COVID-19 crisis, but we’re not health care providers and we don’t have a manufacturing plant that we can change to produce product. But what we can do is help people communicate through the most powerful medium there is in digital; which is video communications.

Video is a great communication solution in any economy, but in the COVID19 economy – video is even more critical.  With the majority of the B2B workforce working remotely, video marketing can add a level of human connection when we can not connect.  That is what Remote Video Capture is all about.  

Use Remote Video Capture to create thought leadership videos, or internal video communications that showcase the leaders of your firm. Their human touch, professionalism and skills in helping your clients navigate this challenging time. Here is an explainer video on Remote Video Capture.

So we want to offer you a two-hour session of Remote Video Capture so you can remotely connect your senior leader, managing partner or CEO to create the thought leadership videos. We can even run a teleprompter script that allows them to hit the exact messages that you want them too.

Remote Video Capture is great for any economy, but now it’s even more critical for both internal and external communications.

We are all it in this TOGETHER and we are doing what we can to help you communicate as best as you can….and helping you with thought leadership video content is our way that we can help you throughout this crisis. So reach out to us today and get a FREE 2 hour session of Remote Video Capture.